Release Notes

August 2023 | Version 1.1

This update introduces the new features Timeline, Versioning, Audit Trail and Batch Analysis to track changes clearly. There are also optimisations in the menu, profile and personal settings to improve the usability.

The new features:


  • With the help of the interactive timeline, changes can now be visually traced very quickly.


Versioning (included in the Upgrade)

  • Methods can now be saved as a new version after changes.
  • Goals always refer to a specific version of a method.
  • The version of a method that was used is documented for each analysis.


Audit trail (included in the Upgrade)

  • A detailed, chronological log of all changes can now be displayed in the sidebar.


Batch analysis (included in the Upgrade)

  • This function allows the simultaneous analysis of several samples in one run.
  • For a Batch Analysis, sample trays (e.g. microtitre plates) of any size can be configured and the samples can be placed on them.
  • Values can be copied or pasted into sample trays for easy further processing in Excel.




Bug fixes and improvements:

Simply set up

  • Users can now change their password and maintain a profile picture.
  • Users have the option to stay logged in on a device at all times.

Individually customise

  • In the table view, a filter setting can be saved as a “custom view” and used at any time.
  • User-defined fields have been integrated into the properties tab and can be used flexibly through “Manage form”.

Effectively organise

  • In the notifications, the function “Mark all as read” now ensures a maximum overview.
  • For orders, a file such as a report or analysis certificate can be uploaded as additional information.

Flexibly use

  • Numerous optimisations in the mobile area improve the usability, especially on smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets.