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Collection of environmental samples and population monitoring

Made in Germany by passionate lab people

Discover SAMPLES: A LIMS specifically designed to meet the challenges of environmental sampling.

From water samples to rock samples and microplastic samples to population monitoring – SAMPLES optimizes every step of your work in the field and in the lab.

Water samples



Soil samples

Fish populations

Contact us today for a demo. We show you the new way to record and analyze environmental samples.

Reduce bureaucracy:
No more illegible notes and multiple data transfers

The collection and analysis of environmental samples is often a cumbersome, error-prone and time-consuming process.

Manual data collection in the field on paper, followed by laborious transfer to digital systems, leads to media disruptions, increased susceptibility to errors and time delays.

This affects the efficiency and accuracy of your important research work.

    Our customers use cases

    Microplastics analysis

    Our client is a fast-growing startup that cleans microplastics from water and takes samples from various bodies of water. In the laboratory, the components of the plastic particles are analyzed using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.

    SAMPLES Highlights

    GPS data | photo documentation | LIMS | fractionation | GC-MS

    Population monitoring

    A German environmental authority has standing and flowing waters fished to determine the population of various fish species. The gillnet and electrofishing methods are used here.

    SAMPLES Highlights

    Counting of species and sizes | Positions of locations | optimized for tablets | transmission to client

    SAMPLES addresses the challenges of sampling in the field with an innovative approach.

    Outdoor-optimized user interface

    Work efficiently, even in adverse conditions, with our user-friendly interface designed for outdoor use.

    Individual configuration

    Customize the parameters to be recorded according to your needs in order to collect precise and relevant data.

    Offline data acquisition

    Capture data even without an Internet connection and synchronize it automatically as soon as a connection is established.

    GPS data

    Photo documentation

    Offline mode


    Own parameters

    Outdoor app

    Two apps – one database

    Employees in the field, in the lab or in the office use apps tailored to their needs,
    but always work simultaneously on the same database.

    Mobile app for data collection in the field.

    App for configuration, sample processing and data analysis in the office or laboratory.

    Structured data

    Rely on structured data for uniform and error-free evaluation in the laboratory or office. You can also export your data to Excel or import it directly into your statistics tool.

    SAMPLES interface with list view of samples, behind it view of a backend code


    Let’s talk

    You have questions or want to learn more about SAMPLES?

    Then use the live chat at the bottom right of every page (if no one is online at the moment, the message will be sent to us by e-mail), write Isabell an e-mail directly, book a personal demo or attend one of our live webinars.

    Isabell and the SAMPLES team look forward to exchanging ideas with you.


    General questions about SAMPLES

    What is SAMPLES and how can it help my laboratory?

    SAMPLES is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), but also a Lab Execution System (LES).

    Depending on how you use it, you can use SAMPLES to manage all the information about your laboratory equipment (devices, consumables, methods, etc.) and the laboratory routine, i.e. the samples and details of their analysis. You can even automate your processes by connecting devices and other software systems.

    What kind of samples and data can I manage with SAMPLES?

    From waste water to tensile tests, everything has its place. SAMPLES is the chameleon among LIMS systems. Basically, all departments can be set up with the specific devices, methods and sample types. Do you have special parameters? No problem, you can even configure measured variables and units yourself and add to them at any time!

    Is the LIMS compatible with other systems used in the laboratory?

    Of course. SAMPLES is an absolute team player! Depending on which interface the other system offers, we can implement the connection to all possible systems (ERP, CRM, order portals, etc.). Connection to device and measuring systems for the automation of your laboratory processes is also possible.

    Questions about use

    How do I start setting up SAMPLES?

    As a rule, it makes the most sense to start with a laboratory process incl. of all master data, etc. in SAMPLES and to refine it over a test period. With the knowledge gained, it is easy to gradually transfer further processes.

    The system makes it easy to set up, but you still need time to set it up. No problem! We also offer the setup of your systems as a service. You determine the scope, from start-up assistance to complete set-up, everything is possible.

    Can I import existing data into the LIMS and how does it work?

    Yes, in principle you can import existing data in different places. The decisive factor here is the form in which the required data is available. We can support you with this as part of the system setup.

    How can I generate and customize reports?

    Once the measurement results have been approved, you can create a report for each order. To do this, you need just one click to automatically generate a PDF report from the stored template and attach it. You can even adjust which data appears in the report during the test.

    Questions about the operation

    What operating models are there?

    SAMPLES is usually hosted on our Microsoft Azure Cloud. However, if necessary, it can also be rolled out on premise on your servers.

    How does the LIMS secure my data and guarantee data protection?

    As part of our quality and IT security management, we place the highest value on the security of your data.

    The systems are usually hosted on our Microsoft Azure Cloud and benefit from Microsoft's high security standards. However, if necessary, they can also be rolled out on premise on your servers.

    In cloud mode, the data can be stored either in Western Europe (standard hosting) or on servers in Germany (premium hosting).

    What happens if I do not have a connection to the Internet?

    SAMPLES is a web application. Data created in SAMPLES is stored online or in your internal network if you opt for the on premise version.

    A stable Internet connection is required for cloud operation. We offer an optional offline-capable app for sampling.

    How are updates and upgrades for SAMPLES handled?

    SAMPLES is alive and growing. Our development team works daily to add and improve features. Technical updates are provided regularly, and we offer you extended functionality as an optional upgrade.

    Services around SAMPLES

    What training options are available?

    Sure! In addition to a manual in the app and video tutorials in our media library, we also offer training courses with our service partners. Whether at your premises, at one of our locations or remotely - we will find a suitable solution!

    What kind of technical support is available?

    In addition to assistance from our support team, we also offer help for self-help: you can find video tutorials for many work steps in our media library.

    Every lab is different.


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