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Sample management with SAMPLES simplifies your processes and connects you to the tools you already use – for unlimited possibilities.

Made in Germany by passionate lab people

Organize professionally. Analyze efficiently. Automate smartly.


Your sample management

You want to organize samples efficiently – from order entry to sample storage. With SAMPLES, this can be done in no time – without training or long familiarization.

  • Easy to set up and customize
  • Professional data and sample management
  • Get rid of critical Excel lists
  • Security with rights and roles

Your individual processes

Your lab is not like any other. Neither are the processes. That’s why SAMPLES offers you a wide range of options to customize the application to your needs:

  • Custom fields and catalogs
  • Automatically generated number series
  • Self-definable objects and selection lists
  • Schemes for specimen storage
  • Customized view options

Maximum security of your data

The security of your data is important to you. Us too.

That is why we pay special attention to data security – without compromise.

Data on servers in Europe

Microsoft Azure Cloud Security

Regular, automatic updates

Your webapp – your freedom

SAMPLES is web-based, giving you and your team the flexibility to work, schedule or approve from anywhere, regardless of location.

  • Perfect for research projects
  • Ideal for teams with multiple locations
  • No additional hardware necessary
  • Avoid duplicates and inconsistencies

Simple data exchange

True to the motto “fair first”, you always have control over your data. You decide if and when you export and process them – SAMPLES supports you.

    • Easy export in XLSX format
    • Externally evaluated data can be assigned to a sample
    • Exchange of findings via HL7 / FHIR

    Integrate with your infrastructure

    The open software architecture (GraphQL) allows SAMPLES to be optimally integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. And: if your requirements change, SAMPLES simply grows with you.

    • High integrability through GraphQL
    • Maximum connectivity
    • Unimagined automation potential
    • Expandable according to demand
    • Realization of high-performance interfaces


    Configure your exams yourself

    Your laboratory not only knows standard, but has special own procedures. That’s why SAMPLES allows you to configure examinations yourself – whether for daily routine or according to the requirements of your clients.

    • Base sizes and units
    • Definable sample types
    • Configurable parameters
    • overall study objectives
    • Deposit of methods and work steps with work instructions

    Document your results

    According to studies, laboratories invest a quarter of their time in important but non-value-added activities. You too so far? Then it’s time for SAMPLES! It supports you efficiently with the documentation.

      • Fast and structured documentation, guided by Lab Execution System “LES” on request
      • Add supplementary observations in routine mode
      • Easy tracking of the processing status
      • Technical review
      • Technical release according to the 4-eyes principle

      Connection of external tools

      You also want to use Jupyter Lab, numPy, matPlotLib or other tools for your evaluations?
      SAMPLES provides you with the interfaces to dock, load and process your data.

      Download via API

      Loading data via GraphQL API with Python tools and other client technologies

      Analysis with your tools

      Further processing of this data in ETL pipelines, analyses and visualizations

      Upload via API

      Storage of the analysis results on the sample


      Connect your labware

      You want to fully automate your laboratory processes and connect devices such as balances, pipettes, analyzers, etc.? Then SAMPLES is the right choice, because it has, among other things, a SiLA-2 interface and a Lab Execution System (LES). Our automation experts will be happy to provide you with advice and support – even for individual solutions.

      We are looking forward to your inquiry!

      This video shows an example of the automation of a laboratory process that we implemented as part of the special show “The Laboratory of the Future” at analytica 2020.

      You work in the clinical field?

      …SAMPLES ist für dich bereits vorkonfiguriert!*

      Die Anwendung verfügt über ein integriertes Modul für klinische Proben.

      Beste Voraussetzungen also, um direkt zu starten – ganz egal ob für den Einsatz in Routine oder für R&D.

      • Klinische Entitäten: Patient, Studie, Medikation, Indikation und Diagnose
      • Studienspezifische Lagerung
      • HL7 FHIR-Schnittstelle  offizielle Dokumentation

      * Das Klinik-Modul kannst du während des Kaufprozesses einfach auswählen und hinzufügen. Es sind damit keine zusätzlichen Kosten verbunden.

      Die Testversion (TestDrive) ist ausschließlich ohne Klinik-Modul verfügbar. Gerne führen wir dir die Software persönlich in einer Demo vor.

      Prices & Packages

      Unser leistungsfähiges Basispaket


      pro Monat bei
      jährlicher Zahlung.
      Jahrespreis 3.588 €

      3 Nutzer*
      10 GB Speicher
      1.000 neue Proben


      pro Monat bei
      jährlicher Zahlung.
      Jahrespreis 6.588 €

      6 Nutzer*
      20 GB Speicher
      2.000 neue Proben

      • ✓ Aufträge
      • ✓ Proben
      • ✓ Probenlagerung
      • ✓ Untersuchungsziele
      • ✓ Parameter & Ergebnisse
      • ✓ Geräteverwaltung
      • ✓ Lineare Methoden
      • ✓ mehrere Runs pro Probe
      • ✓ zweistufige Freigaben
      • ✓ Zeitleiste
      • ✓ Archivierung von Proben
      • ✓ Benutzerdefinierte Felder
      • ✓ Excel Exports aller Listen
      • ✓ GraphQL-API


      • ✓ klinische Objekte
      • ✓ HL7 FHIR

      *Pakete mit mehr Nutzern sind selbstverständlich möglich. Bitte sprich uns an.

      Erweiterung zum Basispaket


      pro Monat bei
      jährlicher Zahlung.
      Jahrespreis 948 €

      3 Nutzer*
      10 GB Speicher
      1.000 neue Proben


      pro Monat bei
      jährlicher Zahlung.
      Jahrespreis 1.788 €

      6 Nutzer*
      20 GB Speicher
      2.000 neue Proben

      • + Versionierung
      • + Audit-Trail
      • + Batch-Analyse


      Aktuell arbeiten wir an weiteren Features wie:
      Prüf- und Verbrauchsmittel, Formeln, komplexe Methoden, Berichte, Schnittstellen-Mapping-Tool.

      Du hast eigene Wünsche für spezielle Features? Dann kontaktiere uns einfach.

      About us

      At qualitype GmbH, our team is a dynamic blend of seasoned experts, innovative thinkers, and passionate individuals, all united by a shared mission: to revolutionize your sample management experience with SAMPLES.

      With over two decades of experience, we have been empowering clients globally to streamline their laboratory processes. Our comprehensive suite of services ranges from laboratory management systems to specialized solutions for DNA analytics and quality monitoring, all the way to regulated laboratory equipment software.


      Numerous state criminal investigation departments rely on our laboratory management and DNA analysis solutions every day.


      For two decades we have been developing and operating large databases for
      QS – the testing system for food.


      Our solutions are used in over 30 countries and support e.g. the UN on a humanitarian mission in Iraq.


      In research projects and with our sister companies, we develop efficient diagnostic solutions for oncology.

      Let’s talk

      You have questions or want to learn more about SAMPLES?

      Freddi and the SAMPLES team look forward to talk to you.

      Freddi Gelbrich

      SAMPLES Project Manager

      Freddi Gelbrich

      SAMPLES Project Manager

      Let’s talk

      You have questions or want to learn more about SAMPLES?

      Freddi and the SAMPLES team look forward to talk to you.

      Every lab is different.


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