Adhering to scientific values is a critical aspect of every laboratory, whether you do basic research, perform routine diagnostics or ensure the quality of products. Advances in technology have allowed for greater efficiency and accuracy in the process. The development of Sample Management Systems and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) have streamlined laboratory workflows, allowing scientists to focus on their research and achieve their goals faster. But how do they help keeping scientific values?

SAMPLES is qualitypes Sample Management Cloud Solution that especially embodies scientific values and principles in its design. In the following paragraphs I will demonstrate how we integrated scientific values and principles into the design of SAMPLES to support scientific standards.

is one of the core scientific values, and SAMPLES incorporates this principle into its design by providing a reliable and robust platform for managing samples and associated data. The system ensures that data is collected and recorded accurately (ALCOA principle) and that sample tracking is automated and transparent. These features ensure that scientists have access to reliable data, which can be analyzed and used to draw meaningful conclusions.

is another core scientific value that we prioritized in the SAMPLES design. The system is designed to eliminate bias and subjectivity by automating sample management tasks and reducing the risk of human error. Additionally, SAMPLES allows for customizable workflows, ensuring that scientists can design workflows that fit their specific research requirements. This feature promotes transparency and consistency, allowing scientists to make objective and reliable conclusions.

is another critical scientific value that is incorporated into SAMPLES. The system will employ strict quality control measures, ensuring that sample collection, processing, and analysis are conducted in a controlled environment. This feature helps scientists avoid erroneous conclusions and ensures that all research results are scientifically sound.

is another core scientific value that SAMPLES incorporates in its design. The system provides a centralized and cloud-based platform for managing samples and data, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the latest data in real-time via query languages like GraphQL or other interfaces. Additionally, the system is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that all users can easily access and use the data and features they need to complete their research.

is a critical scientific principle that is central to the SAMPLES design. The system provides features like a lab execution system (LES) that ensure that all research data and results are documented for verification and replication. This feature promotes scientific collaboration and ensures that all research is based on reliable data and results.

Finally, ethical conduct
is another critical scientific value that SAMPLES prioritizes in its design. The system ensures that sample management is conducted with integrity. The system adheres to strict data privacy and security standards, ensuring that all data is secure and protected.

In conclusion, SAMPLES is an excellent example of how scientific values and principles can be incorporated into software design. The system is designed to provide a reliable, objective, and user-friendly platform for managing samples and data, while ensuring ethical conduct, transparency, and reproducibility. By incorporating these core scientific values and principles, SAMPLES provides scientists with the tools they need to conduct rigorous and objective research and achieve their scientific goals.

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