Hello World! Hello Lab!

Hello World! Hello Lab!

Monday, April 3, 2023: SAMPLES launches into the world of laboratories!

Again and again we are asked why we decided to develop another LIMS. The answer is simple: So far, there is hardly any laboratory informatics system on the market that meets the requirements of modern users in 2023.

  • Cloud-native web application
  • Scalability – technical and functional
  • Truly open, well-documented interfaces
  • Full transparency in functional scope and pricing
  • Test and buy even without sales contact
  • Configurable standard product instead of expensive project solution
  • Flexible payment model

What do we do differently than others?

We are convinced that our task as a LIMS manufacturer is to provide a modern technology base that is always future-proof. And instead of trying to solve all the problems of every lab with ever new functionalities, we should focus on the typical core functions. Via truly open, high-performance interfaces, we offer free data access for this and enable our users to use their preferred professional tools. In addition, we allow our partners to develop special extensions.

This approach ensures that SAMPLES remains lean, efficient, and always on the cutting edge of technology. And, that our users and partners create a community where they share each other’s interfaces, extensions and apps.

What makes SAMPLES so easy to use and customize?

SAMPLES allows users to configure their processes independently and developers to extend the software individually via interfaces. This allows SAMPLES to be adapted and extended to meet a wide variety of needs. Lengthy LIMS customization projects that promote monolithic IT structures and vendor dependencies are a thing of the past.

Stay independent!

Thanks to high interoperability and configurability, with SAMPLES no one has to worry about being too dependent on one manufacturer. You have the freedom to choose the solutions that work best for your lab, giving you the flexibility you need to succeed.

Partnerships are our success factor.

Our partner concept is at the heart of SAMPLES’ success. We have already started to work with the first partners. Capabilities range from order entry systems and hardware integration to software for results analysis, invoicing and much more. These collaborations make SAMPLES adaptable and versatile for our users.

Soon we will introduce our first partners on this blog!

“Simple” is the key to success

SAMPLES is designed to be really easy to use and lowers the acceptance threshold for digitization in the lab. This means that SAMPLES can be implemented without a long training period and the transition to a smarter and more efficient laboratory can be made more smoothly.

By the way, our free “test drive” of the app has a built-in onboarding process. It’s worth trying it out to understand what I mean.

Who is actually behind it?

The manufacturer of SAMPLES is qualitype GmbH. As CEO, I am proud of our 22-year history of developing software solutions for laboratories, instruments and scientists. We are an interdisciplinary team with roots in Dresden, Germany.

Our customers are critical service providers and federal agencies in the areas of forensics, food safety and medical diagnostics. Through this diverse and demanding customer base, we have learned a lot about what laboratories really need. From this knowledge we have developed SAMPLES.

Join us on our journey and experience the change in the laboratory informatics market that we will usher in with SAMPLES. Follow our blog or connect with me on LinkedIn to stay up to date.

Let’s shape a successful future together!
Dr. Timm Zörgiebel